student testimonials

Most recent testimonial from a homeschooling webcam student:

Thank you Chris Rupp for being an awesome guitar instructor. The weekly lesson via Skype has definitely been an awesome addition. I was wondering how difficult lessons via Skype would be. Now having done it I can see that you are always on time and prepared and very easily break each lesson down so that even beginners do not have a difficult time learning. The homework is clear, challenging, but definitely manageable. You are very knowledgeable and always make us feel comfortable. Caleb is only 9 years old and very much looks forward to his weekly guitar lesson. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about taking guitar lessons to take them from Chris and I would personally speak to anyone who has questions or concerns about the online platform.


I want to thank you for teaching Sam these past several months...He has improved in so many ways... 1. Musically: His understanding of music and theory has greatly increased week to week as he continues to work with you. This understanding has opened opportunities to hang out with friends and jam...and also to play in the worship band at church! 2. Confidence: Sam is now playing in front of audiences without any hesitation. He sounds great! thank you again

Mrs. Lisa 

While only a classical guitar student under Chris’s tutelage for a few months I find him to be bright, engaging, energetic, challenging and very talented. He inspires me to stay focused on my practice and my progress, and he’s stretching me to elevate my abilities. He organizes lessons and sets practice goals each week, talks about technique and styles and even has challenged himself to learn areas of classical guitar he has not spent much time on in his past learnings. Chris is an excellent music mentor, and I highly recommend that new students take the opportunity to meet him!

Mr. Ruhs  

My son received his first guitar for his ninth birthday. He is now fourteen and still, thanks to Chris's teaching, has a passion to learn more! He has learned to read music and play by ear. He has gained confidence and now plays acoustic as well as electric guitar. Chris's enthusiasm and vast knowledge for music combined with his incredible patience continues to make our experience with guitar instruction a positive one. Sincerely Laura Rudacille

Laura Rudacille 

I have been taking lessons with Chris for 4 years now. We have worked on everything from heavy metal to jazz theory. Chris's wide knowledge and qualifications have allowed him to be helpful with all aspects of guitar playing. His laid back teaching style makes it comfortable and fun to learn. I would recommend Chris to anyone who would like to become a great and versatile guitarist!


“Chris is cool! He makes learning the guitar fun. I can choose the songs that I like to play.”


Chris, I just wanted to drop you this quick note to let you know how impressed we are with your teaching. Your teaching style is well thought out. In addition to your training being methodical, it is obvious that you adjust your training techniques to match the wants, needs and psyche of the person you are training. This particular skill makes you a great teacher.


Mr. Rupp, I like to the way you teach. You do a great job being patient with me and make learning fun. Getting guitar lessons has become one of my favorite things to do. I can't wait till next week to show you how great I'm doing on the new techniques you taught me at the last lesson. Your positive encouragement makes me feel good about myself.


I enjoy lessons with Chris Rupp... As an adult student working two jobs, I appreciate that he is so willing to adapt lessons to meet both my musical interests and my limited free time.


Chris is wonderful with my daughter, Carolyn. He is always willing to help her and meet our many schedule changes due to sports and school activities. Chris is patient and encouraging. We love the caring atmosphere at Menchey Music.


My daughter has been taking lessons with Chris for almost a year now and is enjoying the guitar. She is on the brink of deciding to venture into the electric guitar... She enjoys the fact that he lets her pick out current songs she enjoys and learns to play them - this keeps her practicing relevant and interesting for her. Chris has a laid back temperament, and doesn't put pressure on my daughter while learning. Our agreement up front was for her to commit to 6 months of lessons to see if she liked it, then she could quit if she didn't enjoy it. We're now at a year, and she wants to branch into the electric guitar! I'm thrilled and thankful to see her involvement in the musical area continuing!

A Parent