Chris Rupp

Chris Rupp has been a music instructor for more than 18 years and has taught more than 30,000 lessons. 

Berklee College of Music Graduate with a B.M. degree

Chris Rupp began his music studies at the age of 16. He studied guitar underJames Trostle in Lancaster for three years. He then decided to continue his music studies at the Berklee College of Music where he received a Bachelor of Music degree. While at Berklee, he studied with such guitar greats as John FinnJim Kelly, and David Newsam . His course studies included advance theory, harmony, arranging, ear training, music production and engineering, and songwriting. Upon graduating college he taught private guitar lessons for four years while pursuing a professional management career in retail. Over the years, he has performed and honed his musical skills in local and regional acts. Currently, Chris is has been teaching music full-time for the last 17 years. Also, he is the author of 3 guitar instructional DVDs sold worldwide (currently not for sale) and published his first guitar instructional book. He feels comfortable teaching his students a wide variety of styles; blues, pop, Christian, rock, metal, jazz, funk, and alternative. Mr. Rupp believes in designing every student's lessons to bring out that student's full potential along with having fun with music.


Your lesson plan will be tailor made for what you are interested in learning. I can teach you from books or you can create your own path by choosing things you need to improve upon. Below is a list of some things we teach our students.  

  1. scales: major, minor, modes, advanced scales, pentatonic scales, chord tones, arpeggios

  2. music theory: understanding scales and how to use them to figure out your diatonic chords, improvise, write a melody, harmonize, etc.

  3. sight reading: learning how to read music on the staff really helps you understand the vocabulary of music along with giving you the ability to read a piece of music

  4. reading tablature: learn how to read guitar tablature and understand all of the symbols

  5. rhythm studies: understanding how to strum properly and read rhythms

  6. improvisation: learn how to solo like your favorite guitar players and create your own solos

  7. chords: learning your open chords, barre chords, triads, seventh chords, other advanced chords.

  8. songs: learn the songs you want to play

  9. songwriting: work on the craft of songwriting. study songwriting techniques and then apply them to your own music.

  10. your choice: you can choose what you want to learn. you don't have to just learn the above topics. you can create your own areas of study so you get the most out of your lessons for your particular needs.


-B.M. (Bachelors of Music) degree - major in professional music from Berklee College of Music

-author of an multiple instructional guitar courses on Udemy and Skillshare and Guitar Training Camp Online

-author of 3 guitar instructional DVDs

-author of 1 guitar instructional book

-awarded the 2015 #1 Best Guitar Theory Instructor in San Antonio, Texas on Thumbtack

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