This Student Spotlight page is for current and former students that are doing something cool and musical that I want to promote. 

GTC students soloing over backing tracks.

My former student Connor's (far left) band. You can check out their band at the link below or take a listen to two of their songs. 


One of my former students put out an EP. His band is call Charisma Rat. Check out the band at the link below

My student Zachary is a talented musician and inspiring survivor of brain cancer. Click here if you'd like to read about his story. He is the singer in the band AKT and does solo material as well. 

Joe was a student of mine. His band Afterparty is below. Below are some music videos Check it out. They sound great!

Below one of my students Brady performs an Avenged Sevenfold song. 

Below is my student Vamsee performing "here comes the sun" by the Beatles. It's the first time he performed publicly. 

My student Guy and his wife with the blues legend Joe Bonamassa.

Below are the newest guitars that my student Guy (above) built. Check it out. I'm loving the strat style bengal burst below.