Skype Lesson Packs

What is a Lesson Pack:

A Lesson Pack is a set number of lessons that you can purchase. You can purchase either 1, 4, or 8 lessons at a time.

Why do you offer the Lesson Packs?

We offer the Lesson Packs because some people aren't able to or willing to commit to weekly lessons. We run into a lot of people who have irregular work schedules and the Lesson Packs allow them to schedule lessons around their busy schedule. 


Click here to see the rate for the Lesson Packs. 

All major credit cards accepted. 

What happens after I purchase a Lesson Pack? 

You will be contacted by the Guitar Training Camp to schedule your first lesson. You will also receive an email with the password to the Lesson Pack calendar. The calendar will allow you to see upcoming open time slots that will be available to you for guitar lessons.

When do I take my lessons?

Once you've purchased a Lesson Pack you will be given access to a calendar that shows the upcoming availability for scheduling. On the calendar page there are 4 calendars in the different US time zones for your convenience. 


Lesson Pack guidelines

The money paid for the Lesson Packs is non-refundable. It's up to the student to schedule and take the purchased lessons. 

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to take your lessons.  

WHAT YOU NEEd for the skype guitar lessons

  1. A webcam. I would get a webcam that can handle HD video if you don't have one already. The webcam we use can handle 1080p.

  2. You can also use a smartphone or tablet. As long as you have Skype on your device you should be able to have lessons.

  3. The program Skype (download for free at ). Make sure you have both working audio and video! You can also use Skype in your browser. You can also use Google Hangouts if you prefer.

  4. A fast broadband internet connection (Cable/DSL)

  5. You and your guitar. This is going to be just like having a one to one lesson with a teacher, sitting in the comfort of your home. Lessons might also include pdf files, and mp3 tracks that I will email you before hand. It’s a fun and interactive lesson where we’ll both play and I will give you feedback on your playing.