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guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons with the Guitar training Camp are offered from the brand new beginner to advanced. The teacher Chris Rupp is an advanced guitar player with a degree from Berklee College of Music and has been teaching guitar full-time for the last 19 years.

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ukulele lessons

Skype ukulele lessons with the Guitar Training Camp are offered from beginner through intermediate. Taking lessons with Chris Rupp will have you playing songs and singing (if you wish) in no time at all. He will teach you the skills necessary to reach your goals and be a great ukulele player.

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Skype bass guitar lessons with the Guitar Training Camp are offered from beginner through intermediate. The teacher Chris Rupp is an advanced guitar player and loves bass guitar. He has a real passion for the bass and loves teaching students the skills you need to be a great bass player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skype Lessons Quick FAQ:

What is GuitArmy?

GuitarArmy is our new online guitar learning platform. Click here to check GuitArmy out.


Skype Lessons - The rate for weekly half hour lessons is $25/half hour. Rates are discounted for longer lessons. Click here for more rate info. 

Gift Cards - Click here to purchase a GTC Gift Card. 

Discounts - we offer a discount for homeschooled children. For more information about the homeschool discount please go the Rates page.


We offer guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele lessons. Below are the student levels we’re accepting.

  • Guitar - beginner, intermediate, advanced (I’m an advanced guitar player myself)

  • Bass guitar - beginner and intermediate

  • Ukulele - beginner and intermediate


I teach Skype lessons on Monday and Friday morning and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all day. When you fill out the Schedule a Lesson form we will contact you and find a time slot that works for you. 


Skype Lessons - The Guitar Training Camp will send you a monthly Square invoice for you to pay or you can opt in for automatic monthly billing. You can easily pay the invoice with a credit or debit card.


I (Chris Rupp) am the only teacher at the guitar training camp. This is my website I created to manage my online students. I hope to add more teachers in the future. For more info about Chris go to the section called “teachers”.


Yes. We are currently only offering weekly lessons.


No. I only teach private individual lessons.


I accept students from the ages of 9-100


Yes, I’m currently only using Skype because Google is shutting down Hangouts and it’s beginning to not work that great anymore.



Yes. Send me a message through my "contact us" page and we can set up a phone call or a free 15 minute Skype video call. Click here to go to my contact page. 



Skype Lesson Details

Getting started is easy

  1. Just call or email to schedule a free video consultation. The consultation is just to meet and discuss what you or you child wants to learn. The consultation can be done over the phone or by video using Skype.

  2. After we've had the consultation we can set up a start date for your lessons.

  3. The Guitar Training Camp will send you a Square invoice for your first month's lessons.

  4. You pay the invoice and we start the lessons on the date we set up.

  5. Log in to your Skype account at your scheduled time and begin your first lesson.

What you need

  1. A webcam. I would get a webcam that can handle HD video if you don't have one already. The webcam we use can handle 1080p.

  2. You can also use a smartphone or tablet. As long as you have Skype on your device you should be able to have lessons.

  3. The program Skype (download for free at ). Make sure you have both working audio and video! You can also use Skype in your browser.

  4. A fast broadband internet connection (Cable/DSL)

  5. You and your instrument. This is going to be just like having a one to one lesson with a teacher, sitting in the comfort of your home. Lessons might also include pdf files, and mp3 tracks that I will email you before hand. It’s a fun and interactive lesson where we’ll both play and I will give you feedback on your playing.

Student Blog

Each student will get their own blog page. After each lesson, the teacher will log what that student is to do for the next week. The blog can contain the following:

  • the student's assignment

  • PDFs of any charts needed to help the student with that assignment

  • videos: often I will include videos that pertain to a students assignment

  • audio - sometimes I provide audio tracks

  • links - I provide links to whatever pertains to what the student is working on.

Here is a link to a sample blog. You wouldn't normally get this much to work on in one week. I just wanted to show some examples of different kinds of things that could go onto a student blog. 


I will send you a Square invoice on the 20th of the month letting you know how much you will owe for the next month. 

You will have to the last day of that month to pay for your next month's lessons. If you do not pay the invoice by the last day of the current month your lesson time slot will not be secured for the next month.  

If you choose to have the option of saving your card on file then the tuition will be automatically charged to that card on the 25th of the month for the next months lessons. This is a great option if you just want the billing handled automatically. This way you don't have to deal with paying the invoice each month manually. 

Once you've paid your invoice you're ready for another month of lessons. 

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Weekly Lesson Plan


30 Minute Lesson

This is the cost of a weekly 30 minute lesson. 



This is the cost of a weekly 45 minute lesson. 



This is the cost of a weekly 60 minute lesson. 


The Guitar Training Camp will offer a 10% discount for homeschooled children from the ages of 9-18. The lessons must be taken between the hours of 10:00am (EST) and 3:30pm (EST). 

Payment is required in advance. All major credit cards are accepted.


Chris Rupp

Chris Rupp has been a music instructor for more than 18 years and has taught more than 30,000 lessons. 

Berklee College of Music Graduate with a B.M. degree

Chris Rupp began his music studies at the age of 16. He studied guitar underJames Trostle in Lancaster for three years. He then decided to continue his music studies at the Berklee College of Music where he received a Bachelor of Music degree. While at Berklee, he studied with such guitar greats as John FinnJim Kelly, and David Newsam . His course studies included advance theory, harmony, arranging, ear training, music production and engineering, and songwriting. Upon graduating college he taught private guitar lessons for four years while pursuing a professional management career in retail. Over the years, he has performed and honed his musical skills in local and regional acts. Currently, Chris is has been teaching music full-time for the last 17 years. Also, he is the author of 3 guitar instructional DVDs sold worldwide (currently not for sale) and published his first guitar instructional book. He feels comfortable teaching his students a wide variety of styles; blues, pop, Christian, rock, metal, jazz, funk, and alternative. Mr. Rupp believes in designing every student's lessons to bring out that student's full potential along with having fun with music.


Your lesson plan will be tailor made for what you are interested in learning. I can teach you from books or you can create your own path by choosing things you need to improve upon. Below is a list of some things we teach our students.  

  1. scales: major, minor, modes, advanced scales, pentatonic scales, chord tones, arpeggios

  2. music theory: understanding scales and how to use them to figure out your diatonic chords, improvise, write a melody, harmonize, etc.

  3. sight reading: learning how to read music on the staff really helps you understand the vocabulary of music along with giving you the ability to read a piece of music

  4. reading tablature: learn how to read guitar tablature and understand all of the symbols

  5. rhythm studies: understanding how to strum properly and read rhythms

  6. improvisation: learn how to solo like your favorite guitar players and create your own solos

  7. chords: learning your open chords, barre chords, triads, seventh chords, other advanced chords.

  8. songs: learn the songs you want to play

  9. songwriting: work on the craft of songwriting. study songwriting techniques and then apply them to your own music.

  10. your choice: you can choose what you want to learn. you don't have to just learn the above topics. you can create your own areas of study so you get the most out of your lessons for your particular needs.


-B.M. (Bachelors of Music) degree - major in professional music from Berklee College of Music

-author of an multiple instructional guitar courses on Udemy and Skillshare and Guitar Training Camp Online

-author of 3 guitar instructional DVDs

-author of 1 guitar instructional book

-awarded the 2015 #1 Best Guitar Theory Instructor in San Antonio, Texas on Thumbtack

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The Guitar Training Camp has online students from 87 countries all over the world .

The Guitar Training Camp has online students from 87 countries all over the world .