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Top Ten Reasons You Should Take Online Guitar Lessons

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons to consider taking online guitar lessons instead of taking in-person lessons.

  1. No travel - you don’t have to drive anywhere or use any gasolline. If you take in-person lessons you may end up traveling up to 30 minutes away or more just for a lesson. By taking lessons online you’ll not only save money but you’ll save a lot of time.

  2. Convenience - you can take your lessons from a destop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. If you go away on business or vacation you can still do your lessons. You can take your lesson anywhere you have a device and internet.

  3. No cramped room - you won’t have to be cramped in a small studio room smelling the teacher and/or his last 10 students. You can enjoy your own fresh air from your room.

  4. No germs - you can’t catch a cold from someone over the internet

  5. Higher quality teacher - by taking lessons online you can choose from all the online teachers in the world other than just the couple of guitar teachers in your area. Which means you can find just the right teacher that you’re looking for.

  6. Record your lessons - you can record your guitar lessons and then watch them again later. This is a huge help with remembering what you’re working on for your next lesson and listening to your teacher explain things.

  7. Inexpensive set up - some people think that it’s too complicated to take online lessons. It’s actually really very easy and relatively cheap to set up. You just need a computer or a laptop and a webcam. Most laptops already come with one built in. You can download Skype or Google Hangouts for free. Your teacher will probably use one of these programs. Facetime is another option. You won’t have to pay for any software to do the lessons. You can buy an HD webcam for as little as $20. If you want to use your smartphone or tablet then you won’t need any other equipment.

  8. Inclement weather - no matter what the weather is like you don’t have to deal with it. If a snow storm hits or other really bad weather it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to go out in it.

  9. Less expensive lessons - if you live in an area where guitar teachers charge a lot you can probably find a great teacher that charges less per lesson.

  10. better cultural experience - you can choose a teacher from a different part of your country or a different country all together. There’s nothing wrong with picking the guitar teacher right down the street but learning from someone with a different cultural background and experience can be fun and beneficial. Maybe pick a teacher that has gone to a great music college or plays for a great band and has a ton of performing experience.

If you’ve found this list helpful and you’re thinking about trying online guitar lessons please visit

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